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Internet commerce is a multi-billion dollar enterprise whose customers spent billions of dollars on products in 1998. Its sales are rapidly growing. According to the Commerce Department, 1999 fourth-quarter online sales were estimated to be $5.3 billion. Other estimates have reached as high as $7 billion last November and December for products. These figures do not include money spent on such things as services (travel, airline tickets financial services, ticket companies, etc.) Along with the increased dollars spent on goods and services, the number of internet buyers has been growing by leaps and bounds outpacing all expectations this past year. Customers who spend billions of dollars demonstrate a desire for hassle free browsing, comparison shopping and buying that the internet affords them. Can you afford not to take advantage of this marketing exposure? Can your business afford not to be online? Customers have learned that purchasing over the internet is a safe, secure and time-saving way to meet their shopping needs. Merchants, in ever increasing numbers, are realizing that on-line buying is here to stay. Companies with the ability to accommodate internet purchasing will gain a greatest proportion of the ever increasing internet markets.

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